Starbucks Corporate Strategy

    Starbucks Corporate Strategy

    Starbucks corporate strategy has enabled the company to attract a high number of customers from all over the world. The company is one of the biggest coffee house chain companies in the world. The company has been engaged in offering a wide range of coffee items and other kinds of beverages. Starbucks has been very popular for its coffee beverages. Starbucks Corporate Strategy refers to the tactic set by the top management team of the company. In the context of Starbucks Corporate Strategy, the company has developed several corporate strategies to take the business to the next level.

    The company offers third place experience to its customers under Starbucks corporate strategy. Starbucks store is the place where people can spend some quality time with their professionals, colleagues, families and friends. The company provides the customers with a third place to have meetings, and gatherings.

    Another Starbucks Corporate Strategy is that it makes use of the best quality materials and equipment to serve its customers with the highest quality coffee which provides the customers with delicious beverages and snacks items. In the Starbucks Corporate Strategy, the management team has also involved the planning and strategy to enhance customer service. The company offers high-quality customer service and adheres to Starbucks Corporate Strategy.

    Starbucks Corporate Strategy focuses on the long term growth of the company.  Under Starbucks Corporate Strategy, the company is strived to expand its business in emerging markets. Business expansion in developing nations has always been the Starbucks Corporate Strategy.

    Marketing plan of Starbucks

    Marketing plan of Starbucks

    Starbucks marketing plan refers to the strategies and approaches the company uses to market, promotes and advertise its products, services and brand among customers in every corner of the world. Starbucks marketing plan involves a plan for advertising coffee products of the company. In the context Starbucks marketing plan, the company has made use of both offline and online marketing methods to promote its products and brand among consumers from different parts of the world. Starbucks marketing plan can also be understood by using marketing mix concept. Starbucks marketing plan involves analyzing 4p of marketing. Starbucks marketing plan consists of description of the strategies of product, price, place, and promotion.

    In the context of the product, the company serves a wider range of bean coffee, teas, cookies, and different kinds of snacks items. The management has set such kind of Starbucks marketing plan that fulfil the demands and desires of the customers. In terms of pricing, the company makes use of value pricing strategy.

    This Starbucks marketing plan suggests that the company set the price of its product on the basis of the worth of the value offered to the customers. Starbucks marketing plan also involves choosing the best-fit place establish the business. As per the Starbucks marketing plan, the company opens its stores in urban areas as the trend of coffee in cafes is higher in urban areas in comparison to that of rural or suburban areas of nations.

    In the Starbucks marketing plan, it has also been identified that the company makes use of physical stores to sell its coffee items. Promotion is the fourth and most essential element in Starbucks marketing plan. The company makes use of digital display boards, social media channels, and celebrity endorsements to promote, market, and advertise its products.

    Starbuck organizational culture

    Starbuck organizational culture is one of the reasons behind the success of the company. The company has developed a culture that is highly focused on its corporate social responsibility. Starbuck organizational culture is one the great examples of an effective organisational culture. Starbuck organisational culture is learning for other companies in the sector and other sectors.

    In the context of Starbuck organisational culture, the company involves its employees in the decision making processes and meetings, which give a sense of motivation among employees. In Starbuck organisational culture, every employee is allowed to give his/her opinions and suggestions to the top management team of the company. Starbuck organisational culture has always been considered as one of the best organisational cultures in restaurant sector.

    Starbuck organizational culture

    The human resource manager hires only those persons who fits in the Starbuck organisational culture.  In addition to it, Starbuck organisational culture pushes the employees to contribute towards the welfare and development of the society while ensuring high performance at workplace. Starbuck organisational culture is quite different from firms that only put emphasis on the profitability and revenue generation capabilities of the system. Starbuck organisational culture allows the employees to flexible at workplace which helps the company to enhance the efficiency of its employees.

    Starbuck corporate social responsibility

    Starbucks has been a leading company concerned with corporate social responsibility practices and initiatives. The company has started several initiatives for the benefit of society and environment. Starbuck’ corporate social responsibility practices are positively contributing to the welfare and betterment of its stakeholders, communities, and environment. Starbuck corporate social responsibility practices and initiatives have helped the company to nurture a good brand image among customers. Starbuck corporate social responsibility ensures that operational team of the company is dealing with suppliers and cocoa farmers in an ethical and legal manner.

    Starbuck corporate social responsibility also requires its employees to ensure that nobody’s value, morality and ethics are being harmed due to any business activity. Starbucks has initiated an environmental protection program in which it has installed LEED lights in its all stores in order to ensure minimum consumption of electricity. Also Starbuck corporate social responsibility practices promote recycling of waste and water in order to protect environment. Apart from this, Starbuck corporate social responsibility requires the top management of the company to look after the fulfillment of needs and desires of its employees. Starbuck corporate social responsibility practices are also concerned about the demands and satisfaction of its customers.

    The company has always been strived for providing customers with premium quality customer service. The corporate governance team is responsible for setting Starbuck corporate social responsibility key practices and activities. A comprehensive knowledge and information about Starbuck corporate social responsibility can be found in the annual report of the company.

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