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    Core competencies of Google

    Google is one of the most popular and widely used search engines worldwide. Google has emerged as one of the fastest-growing multinational firms in world. In the year 2002, the company’s revenue was around $0.40 billion. In the next 15 years, the company increased its revenue from $109.25 billion. The company has successfully been able to increase its revenue every year since its inception and ensured Google competitive advantage in the market over the years. Google stakeholders play a critical role in the success of the company.

    Core competencies of Google

    One of the biggest Google competitive advantages is that it has always been considered best search engine used across the world. Google is used by millions of customers from all around the globe. There are several other major players in the market that have also established a solid presence and popularity among internet users. Bing and Yahoo are also popular search engines and these firms significantly compete with Google.

    Google stakeholders have enabled the company to remain dominant over the years. When an online user wants to gain new information and knowledge he/she usually prefer to use google search engine.  Google stakeholders are just not limited to entertainment purpose, they have gone beyond it and are using google for business and marketing purpose as well. Google core competencies mainly include best search engine, digital advertisement platforms and high quality services.

    Google core competencies and Google competitive advantage allow the company to compete with several other search engines available in the market in terms of user base, service offering, accessibility and availability. Google stakeholders always enjoy its offerings. Google stakeholders mainly involve employees, management, customers and suppliers. Digital advertisement is one of the most significant core competencies of google.

    Core competencies of Google

    In present, the companies, Google stakeholders, invest a high amount of money in online and digital advertisement so that they can attract online audience towards their businesses. These companies and business are like Google stakeholders. Google competitive advantage is that it has been regarded as the best platform for digital advertisement of a product, service and website. It is one of the google core competencies. Customers are one of the important Google stakeholders. Suppliers who provide the company with safety, and security solutions are also Google stakeholders.

    Paid search is significantly becoming a crucial part of promotion and marketing strategy for several businesses and it one of the Google core competencies. Google competitive advantage is that its search engine enables the various Google stakeholders or businesses to display their advertisements online, enhancing visibility & discoverability. However, other companies or search engines also allow businesses to market their products and services among online communities and Google competitive advantage exists due to high price charged by other players in the market.

    The companies make use of PPC advertising to market their products and services among the customers. Advertising firms are indirect Google stakeholders while employees and management team are direct Google stakeholders. In the context of google core competencies, in google PPC advertising, google display the advertisements of a company in the form text, image, GIF or video clip, and URL.

    Since it is a paid advertising, the companies are required to pay some amount of money to Google as fee for the ad campaigns. When a user clicks on the advertisement, Google routes or connects that user to the company’s website or the portal where the company wants the user to come online. That is how Google use it core competency and help millions of businesses to target their customers and show Google competitive advantage in the market.

    Google is one of the best web companies in the world. It is most fast growing and innovative company which provide diversified products to the consumers and makes use of google core competencies. Google core competencies are different ability which company acquires from its owners or founders and it cannot be imitated easily. It is also named as distinctive competencies. Through Google core competencies, the company got competitive advantage and delivering innovative skills to the consumers in specific field with the help of core competency. Google stakeholders are the people who are directly or indirectly associated with the brand, product and service of Google.

    It is the development of company’s growth by defining its strength and gives a view of new opportunities in the market place and it determines how company can add value to its customers. Google competitive advantage cannot be replicated by other entities whether they are new to the market or existing competitors. Google core competencies involve several unique and latest features and applications. People also call it a google competitive advantage as it provides a sustainable path to company in the market. The necessity of Google competitive advantage is significant for the future prospects and growth for the businesses around the world.

    Google has used the strategy of growth by the concept of core competency. The concept of the Core Competency of the Corporation is generated by Gary Hamel and C,K. Prahalad in the year 1990 and later on they introduced the concept in 1994. Google competitive advantage is a matched with its core competencies. Google competitive advantage involve low cost of surfing. It takes only a small amount of time and money to establish presence on Google. They also observed that if google core competencies are all about initializing the concept of diversified fields of technology but also about the work of corporation that how they deal with the delivery of value addition to its customers. Google competitive advantage has defined core competency in software engineering while doing content indexing and scalable hardware structure. The Google’s unique and innovative culture of growth and success highlighted as a “skilled competency” and it is one of the Google competitive advantages.

    Google core competencies are more of communication, deep commitment and involvement of organisational structure which enables the great marketability as it includes many levels of workers and their functions. Google is a most employee-friendly company which take care of their employees and clients as well and it creates good coordination between them which is one of the google core competencies. However, the company has ensured the success and growth by focussing on google core competencies and explore the different resources which are very helpful in getting good results. Google isolated the capabilities which are contributed to the google core competencies and then work on them for better results and can easily seek competitive advantage in the market.

    Google specifically focus on its strength and then covert it into unique competencies so that its competitors cannot imitate and then deliver it to the end users for value addition. Google core competencies will also increase the marketability of the Google and brand value through the competitive advantage. According to various market surveys and report, Google is the market leading company for search engine services.

    As Google core competencies, Google is also famous for its web services and stood at number 1 place all over the world. The company has many awards for its commercial services and innovative products. In terms of consumer loyalty, it is one of the best company if compare with other competitors in the market. Google has superior quality of services due to its core competency concept and this leads to more innovative company in the world. Core Competency is the concept which cannot diminish with the use and Google follow it.

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